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GistBuilder1 is a toolbar added to Microsoft Word. Its purpose is to assist the reader in developing their personal summary of the complete document.  GistBuilder assists you in building your summary of an article and presents it in a compressed format.  While the compression process is automatic, the reader is in complete control of what specific information they want to see.

For example, let’s say you wanted to learn how to build a flagstone patio.  Click on the link to see the original article. This original article contains 1245 words.  After opening the Word document you would next open the GistBuilder toolbar then start reading the document.  As you read, simply highlight the text that is pertinent to you.  Open the link to View 1 to see what our reader highlighted as an example.  Next we have the option to see View 1 with only the highlighted text visible. Notice that the highlighted text remains in its original position.  We can also compress the text and create View 2.  View 2 has reduced our document by approximately 65% to 437 pertinent words.

GistBuilder gives you the option to redo View 2’s highlighting to capture your “critical” text.  As before, we can see the new  View 2 with only the highlighted text visible.  Finally, you can compress this critical information one more time to create View 3.  View 3 has reduced our original document by almost 80% to 256 critical words.

With GistBuilder you can toggle back and forth between any of these views.  The GistBuilder views are stored on your computer in three new Word documents that are attached to the original document.  These word documents are also available as separate editable and printable Word files.

GistBuilder functions with Microsoft Word versions 2003 through 2016 using Windows XP, 7 or 10.  Depending on your computer’s settings, updating the compatibility setting under File/Options/Advanced may be required before use.  This is explained in the User Manual and applies to Word 2010 and higher.


1 – U.S. Patent no. 8,874,529

Microsoft Word document tool



View 1



View 1 Highlights Only



View 2



View 2 Highlight redo



View 2 Highlights Only



View 3


The links within the paragraph and on the right show the GistBuilder views in a new window. 

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1.  Select Download GistBuilder (Version 1.3.1) to send a zip folder to your computer. Then use the setup.exe file to install the program. GistBuilder’s User Manual B.pdf and a copy of the Demonstration Article for GistBuilder(Flagstone Patio).doc are included for you to save.

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3.  After receiving your registration key number, copy then paste it into the GistBuilder register on line window found in the registration section under the GistBuilder toolbar in Word, then select the Register OnLine button to remove your 21-day expiration period.

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