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Welcome to BriefViewTM 


The best way to summarize your documents


Stop searching through large documents to find what is important.

Now you can easily choose and see just what is important to you!  



You just can't beat this deal anywhere else!


Convenient storage of 100 of your favorite documents!

Automatically condenses your personal highlights for a quick review!

Easy access anytime through the internet!

Inexpensive, introductory price of $0.99 per year (regularly $1.99 per year)!

Free upgrades and support!

Simple control buttons!



Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve the style of this site.


BriefViewTM web-based text editor and viewer is brought to you by Vector Vantage LLC.  You may go to www.VectorVantage.com to learn more.  Free support is available through BriefView@VectorVantage.com.  

The purpose of BriefView is to make it easier to read and edit text on digital devices by allowing the user to highlight the important text in a document and then display this highlighted text in a concise manner using any of it's six available views.  This allows a user to review large documents quickly on a computer, print abridged versions, and even to view their documents easily on small screen internet connected devices.

 The user has the ability to copy and paste up to 100 documents with 100,000 characters/spaces of text each into their personal account. 

 Different users can highlight different text depending on their personal preferences. Therefore, the resulting six views can vary for each user.  You can even export your review of any document to other BriefView users so they may view and edit the same document.

Navigating through a sentence is easily accomplished using the right/left arrow or mouse.  Highlighting is controlled with the up and down arrows.

Note: GistBuilderTM by Vector Vantage serves a similar function with more flexibility but is not web-based.  Go to www.VectorVantage.com for more information.