Vector Vantage LLC is a small United States based company started in 2007.  Our goal is to be successful at providing high quality products that provide value to satisfied customers.  We have often teamed with other organizations to design or develop software, medical devices, and subsonic airfoils. Its managing member is a physician, engineer, and a retired U.S.A.F. pilot.

The software division developed the first generation text editor called GistBuilder1 using the expertise of SAMSA in Saginaw, MI.  We also developed BriefView2 as a web-based version of our text editor.  As more and more information is presented in an electronic format, we recognize the need for tools readers can use to help handle this large volume of material.

The medical division teamed with Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan and Eifel Inc in Fraser, MI.  It has designed and tested a needleless attachment system3 that uses staples.  We are proud to contribute in making medical care safer for patients and care providers.

The aeronautical division has performed wind tunnel testing of it’s airfoil design4 at the University of Michigan.   We often used exciting research approaches such as Design of Experiments and participated in demonstrating it’s value to senior aeronautical design class students.  This work stemmed from original research conducted on the U.S.A.F. N-Dimensional Fighter at the United States Air Force Academy.


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